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The Three Sisters

The Heart and Soul of Change Project—Training, Implementation, and Research: heartandsoulofchange.com

The Heart and Soul of Change Project (hereafter the Project) is a practice-driven, training and research consortium that focuses on improving outcomes via implementation the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS). The strength of what the client brings to the change process and the impact of the alliance inspired Barry Duncan, the director to name the popular book about the common factors as well as this Project—the client is the Heart and the alliance is the Soul of therapeutic transformation. PCOMS allows both to be empowered for maximum client benefit. Barry’s entire career, starting with his first book about a “Client-Directed” approach has been about consumer privilege. PCOMS continues and operationalizes that tradition. The Project website, heartandsoulofchange.com, is the home of the Member Site as well as over 250 free resources for PCOMS, the common factors, and other topics of interest.

The Project features an international community (e.g., Jeff Reese, Morten Anker, Jacqueline Sparks, John Murphy, and Bob Bohanske; see the Project Partners) of helpers of all stripes and flavors as well as researchers and professors. Researchers at the Project conducted all the RCTs that led to the listing of PCOMS in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. The Project is responsible for PCOMS scientific credibility and is dedicated to consumer privilege and social justice. These important distinctions lead to a more informed approach to PCOMS training, research, and practice.

PCOMS At a Glance: pcoms.com

The Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) is a well-researched, quality improvement strategy that boils down to this: partnering with clients to identify those who aren't responding to clinician business as usual and addressing the lack of progress in a proactive way that keeps clients engaged while therapists collaboratively seek new directions. PCOMS has been shown to be consumer-friendly, highly feasible for clinicians, and importantly, repeatedly demonstrated to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of services in peer-reviewed, published studies conducted across a range of settings, including public behavioral health. The PCOMS website, pcoms.com, provides easy access to information, research, and the PCOMS measures.

Better Outcomes Now (BON)—The Electronic Application of PCOMS: betteroutcomesnow.com

Better Outcomes Now (BON) is the culmination of Barry Duncan and Bill Wiggin’s desire to make improving outcomes and privileging consumers simple and accessible. BON is the web application of PCOMS, created by the developer of the clinical process of PCOMS, Barry Duncan, the programming genius of Bill Wiggin, and by the organization that conducted the five randomized controlled trials that led to its evidence based practice designation, the Heart and Soul of Change Project. BON combines science, technology, and clinical expertise to make a difference in consumer outcomes and promote quality improvement in mental health and substance abuse services. The BON website, betteroutcomesnow.com, provides all you need to get started, including a free trial to see if it fits your needs.

The Compass: A Theme Across the Three Sisters

The compass symbolizes what systematic client feedback brings to psychotherapy: The client and therapist are co-adventurers in a journey across uncharted territory. The common factors provide useful directions for this interpersonal and idiosyncratic trip, and specific models and techniques provide well-traveled routes to consider, but PCOMS offers a necessary compass to provide bearings of the psychotherapy terrain and guidance to the desired destination.

Our Mission

We are on a quest to replace client-diminishing practices with client-directed ones: services that are based in a relational model instead of a medical one, are more informed by client-rated outcomes than expert opinion, best guesses, or wishful thinking, and are more guided by client preferences, culture, and ideas than theory, model, and technique. We see PCOMS as a vehicle for these changes.

About Barry Duncan and Bill Wiggin

Barry L. Duncan, Psy.D. is a therapist, trainer, and researcher with over 17,000 hours of clinical experience. He is Director of the Heart and Soul of Change Project (heartandsoulofchange.com) CEO of Better Outcomes Now (betteroutcomesnow.com), and the developer of the clinical process of the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (pcoms.com), a SAMHSA designated evidence based practice. He has over one hundred publications, including 17 books addressing client feedback, consumer rights, and the power of relationship and the common factors. Because of his self-help books (the latest is What’s Right With You), he has appeared on "Oprah," and several other national TV programs. His latest book, On Becoming a Better Therapist: Evidence Based Practice One Client at a Time (2nd ed., APA, 2014) is an all in one resource for PCOMS practice and implementation.

Barry travels nationally and internationally implementing PCOMS in small and large systems of behavioral health care. As a result of these consultations, in combination with the nationally recognized NREPP listing, PCOMS is used in all fifty states and in 20 countries.

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Bill Wiggin, MSW is a clinical social worker and a programmer, a rare combination to be sure. He brings a wealth of clinical experience to the table, uniquely informing his ability to write code that keeps the therapeutic process and its participants in clear view. Bill is the webmaster responsible for the Heart and Soul of Change Project website which allows Better Outcomes Now users to have access to the most up to date training resources for PCOMS available.

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