Things to Know About the Partners for Change Outcome Management System

  1. PCOMS operationalizes ideas, values, and practices that often are given only lip service, i.e., individually tailored, recovery- oriented services, consumer involvement, and social justice. Long before research validated its benefits, PCOMS was designed to privilege the consumer in all facets of service delivery.
  2. PCOMS research, including five randomized clinical trials (all conducted by those affiliated with the Heart and Soul of Change Project), has demonstrated that client based outcome and alliance feedback dramatically improves outcomes across client populations and settings.
  3. PCOMS, a SAMHSA designated evidence based practice, has been shown to solve the problems of unreliable outcomes, dropouts, and provider variability via a real time early warning system that allows clinicians, clients, and agencies to shift focus, re-visit goals, or alter interventions before deterioration or dropout.
  4. PCOMS is a proven quality improvement strategy for public behavioral health that is more practical and cost effective than the transporting of evidence based treatments.
  5. PCOMS incorporates the most robust predictors of therapeutic success, the client’s subjective experience of early change and perception of the alliance with the provider into a real time outcome management system that partners with clients while honoring the daily pressures of front-line clinicians.
  6. PCOMS directly applies the research about what really matters in therapeutic change, what we have called the heart (the client) and soul (the alliance) of change. PCOMS engages the most potent source of change, clients, in the collaborative monitoring of outcome and routinely maximizes the alliance and consumer participation.

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PCOMS at a Glance